Feb 13

Odesk clone script Offers Option to Build Freelancer Marketplace

Today freelancer marketplace has widened the path of prospects for both freelancers and project owners. Online job marketplace is the most excellent platform where project owners and freelancers meet in order to get their job requirements fulfilled. In recent times outsourcing of business has become common among business owners globally. Reason behind this is cost effectiveness and quality service within a fixed time.

The significance of online job marketplace sites is progressively increasing as more and more business owners are looking for freelancers to get their work done. This workplace sites has equal importance for freelancers who are looking for better job openings in order to acquire an additional income sitting at home. Hence these sites are beneficial for both project owners & freelancers.

To construct a freelancer marketplace community like elance and freelance odesk clone script can play a key role. The software comes with high end technical features like customized admin panel; categorize browse options, powerful tools for accounting and keeping track on transactions etc. So building an online bidding site is no more a hard task with the aid of odesk clone marketplace software.

There is no technical knowledge required on the part of buyers because it is a readymade, plug & play product developed on the basis of features of different online marketplace sites. Thus overall this is great software that will help a buyer to increase his business prospects.  Beside this B2B trading marketplace software is on great demand today. It will allow buyers to create business to business portal with ease and widen their trading opportunities globally.

Feb 13

Establish Your Own Freelancer Marketplace with Odesk Clone Script

A freelancer marketplace is the best place for freelancers to bid, win a project and get paid for the work. These days there are different online job marketplace sites available like elance, freelance etc. All this sites has helped millions of freelancer to get best job opportunities according to their skills. It is considered as an excellent platform where both the service providers and freelancers meet to fulfill their job requirements.

Nowadays global marketplace websites is progressively on great demand. Building a global marketplace site is no more a difficult task today. If you are service provider or a freelancer creating your own marketplace community like elance or freelance has become easier with the help of odesk clone script. Odesk clone is the most excellent job marketplace software that has been specially developed with the technology of open source.

The odesk clone marketplace software has inbuilt features like customized admin panel that can allow a buyer to control the entire site, email verification, inbuilt ad management, support for banners ads, affiliate ads and many more. This software is a readymade and hassle free. One can start earning money very soon after it has been installed.

The product is user friendly and easy to use. By investing small amount a buyer with zero technical knowledge can easily erect his own online biding sites and start earning a genuine income.  Besides this marketplace software there are many other popular website clone scripts available currently to cater business needs and requirements.

Feb 13

Odesk Clone Script an Advanced PHP Script to Develop Online Bidding Site

PHP is considered as an important and leading website language that is mostly used by the programmers around the world. It has easy to grab language rules which help a layman in the field of PHP programming to enter into the realm of PHP. Since the PHP scripts are easily built therefore the popularity among the internet community is increasing day by day.

These days even an individual with zero technical knowledge can set up his online bidding site through the help of advanced odesk clone script. This PHP script has got inbuilt features and functionalities that can allow a buyer to gain many benefits like they can easily built freelancer portal and start earning from the very next day. It is a readymade and hassle free product that can be easily installed.

Odesk clone PHP script will help buyers to establish their marketplace where both the service providers and job seekers are bought under the same platform. Through the help of this platform project owners can post projects and hire freelancers to get their job done. It is advantageous for all those who want to earn some extra income by working from home. A freelancer gets handsome money after they have completed their work.

Therefore odesk marketplace software will help buyers to build a site similar to odesk.com. The software provides affordable business solutions helps to save your pocket.

Feb 13

Craft Your Online Bidding Site with Odesk Clone Script

Do you want to outsource your business to freelancers? Then easiest way is to create online bidding site with the aid of odesk clone script. The odesk clone is amazing job marketplace software that is developed with most advanced features to help starters establish their own job marketplace.

How does Online bidding marketplace site works? 

These days’ freelancer bidding sites are considered as the cheapest way to outsource work.  The process through which this site works:

-         The client can post a job requirement on the site detailing the work they need to be done

-         Freelancer contractors select a job according to their field through job listings

-         The freelancers place a quote or bid on how much they are willing to do the work for

-         The clients can compare quotes and choose a right talent who they feel as the best or appropriate for their job.

Therefore creating your own freelancer marketplace for the beginners has now become much easier through the help of odesk clone PHP script. This product will set up your online bidding site and once it’s up you can start hiring contractors without paying commission to anyone.

Importance of building your own freelancer marketplace   

The online job marketplace sites like odesk, elance have their own rules and conditions regarding hiring contractors but with this marketplace software you can own the site and make your rules. And it’s much easier to attract talent with your own market niche website.

The software comes with highly customized and professional features like plug in, easy to use, customized admin panel, and lots more that can allow buyers to create website & start marketing to earn passive income.

Feb 13

Find Freelancer Jobs Instantly Through Online Service Marketplace

With the advent of internet nowadays availability of online jobs has become much easier. There are many online freelancer job websites through the help of which a freelancer can get a job. Due to the immense demand of freelancer job portals more and more business owners are searching for a means to build their freelancer marketplace.

In order to establish an odesk like service marketplace odesk clone script can play a key role. The PHP script is specially designed to help buyers construct their own marketplace and start earning a legitimate income. This particular online job marketplace software provides effective tools that will allow both the buyers and service providers to communicate with each other.

Besides this the product provides a comprehensive database of freelancer projects and talented providers around the globe. Through the help of this online job marketplace project owners can find a right talent to get job done at a competitive price. On the other hand a freelancer can earn a regular income from home.

The odesk clone marketplace software comes with different kinds advanced features and functionalities. Some of the advanced and exclusive features are extensive member management console; view all billing transactions, support for google ads, and many more. Through this software a buyer can easily develop his odesk like marketplace community and start generating revenue.

Jan 13

Popular website clone scripts Provides Customized Review Sites

Nowadays popular clones are the most important concept that has gained the importance across the internet users. In order to build popular website clones one needs to have unmatched technical skills and commitment to create excellence and no mediocre work. The web developers at Scriptgiant have excellence and the level of professionalism required to create unmatched standards, and highly observant popular website clone scripts.

If you are freelancer then you might be looking to show your work and get noticed within an online profile. Through the help of odesk clone script it is easy now to start and create your own profile for everyone to see. Odesk PHP clone scripts are customized readymade templates which can help one to include 10 photos/ images of their work and jobs done in the past. You can also keep your profiles up-to-date by adding new jobs and work you have done. The site is designed to help progress the needs of the freelancers.

Therefore odesk clone script is a valuable product where features like creating and posting new projects, searching for right candidates with matched profile and browsing or applying for a project can be made.

If you are looking for freelancer marketplace to search for short term creative people who can help your businesses grow. The best place to find freelance jobs, work, network and more. It is free for the job seekers since they do not need to register. It is very cost effective for the freelancers and they will be able to find out an exact job according to your choice.

Jan 13

Get Best ODesk Clone Script To Produce Recruitment Portal

It doesn’t matter whether you are a programmer, a software developer, looking for web design jobs or simply data entry, searching for online jobs is no more a hard task. There was a time when people used to search for jobs from the newspapers but today with the advent of online recruitment portals searching jobs from home have become much easier.

Through the help of these portals a candidate can get suitable job while a recruiter can get a right applicant.  Therefore if you are a business owner then building a recruitment portal can bring huge returns for you. Creating recruitment portal is no more a difficulty. There are valuable PHP script available these days to build recruitment portals.

The PHP scripts provide total job portal solutions for companies or agencies. Since the demand for recruitment portals are increasing day by day, everyone is trying their luck for this business. If you are a business owner and want to create stencil websites then opt for ODesk clone script.  The odesk clone scripts can play a crucial role in building stunning recruitment portals.

The features that have made it popular are creating and posting new projects, searching for right candidates with matched profile and browsing and applying for a project. Beside this the product comes with other inbuilt high end features like fast in accessing and easy call for a job, easy to work interface and secure payment gateway.

Because of its usefulness the odeskclone is getting more and more popular as effective marketplace software for business owners worldwide. With the help of this software recruitment portals can be build in less time and effort. This software can be installed with ease. One does not need to have any technical knowledge to construct a business website.

There are certain other significant features like mobile viewing templates for accessing portals from mobile devices, multilanguage facilities for people from various countries and high end tech support for live video chat. All these features have made this a remarkable product for building recruitment portal.

Jan 13

Opt for ODesk Clone Script To Create Better Recruitment portal

There are many who are raising a question regarding jobs from home. In fact searching for online jobs is no more a hassle. Applying for job online or search for potential candidate has become the order of the day. Previously people used to search and post their jobs from newspapers. But today millions of people are using recruitment portal in order to search a suitable job or hire a right applicant. These days jobs and recruitment script is the most important PHP script that has come with many powerful inbuilt features.

These scripts provides complete job portal solutions for companies or agencies to create recruitment porch. The trend of online recruitment is getting popular day by day and everyone nowadays is trying their luck in the employment sites. So if you are planning to start online recruitment services or planning to provide an online platform wherein the employers and the job seekers can get in touch with each other in terms of job search and resume search then opt for ODesk Clone Script.

There are certain features that has made it to stand out separate from others. This includes customized project posting program for searching best candidates, fast, easy going set up and friendly interface. There are even features like chat with the employers, sharing and uploading profiles and CVs support for banner ads, test ads and affiliate ads.

The ODeskClone is getting a good buzz as marketplace software due to its usability. The product really reduces the time and is fast in installing. Apart from this there are theme customization, arrays of e-applications as well as utilities. There is multi-language facilities for people from different countries and advanced high – end tech support for live video chat. All these features have made this product to give best approachable end results.